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Visit the Lesser Known Orange County in North Carolina

Posted in Travel by waynebradybyday on September 5, 2014

Orange County, North Carolina is comprised of some of the region’s most important and well known communities. Within the county’s borders, you will find the towns of Carrboro, Chapel Hill, Efland, the suburb of West Hillsborough, and the county seat of Hillsborough. While this region experiences four seasons throughout the year, its climate is generally mild. Summers can be humid, but unlike many communities in this part of the nation, temperatures rarely creep over the ninety degree mark. Winter temperatures range from the thirties to the fifties and it rarely snows during the winter months.

Within Orange County, there are currently approximately 118,183 residents, whose median age is thirty one years old. The region benefits from a diverse local economy, insulating its residents from a potential blip in any one sector. Nearly half of the county’s residents are employed in either a professional or managerial capacity. Some twenty percent work in the service industry, while around fourteen percent are employed in an administrative capacity. The median household income here is approximately $45,788 per year.

In the Orange County housing market, over eighty three percent of locals here own their own homes. The majority of homes offered in this region are single-family detached style homes, with the most popular option being a three bedroom model. Recent sales figures indicate that the average purchase price of a three bedroom single family home in Orange County is currently $225,263.

For those beginning or continuing their higher education, Orange County offers easy access to some of America’s leading academic institutions. You may choose to enroll in a school such as North Carolina State University in Raleigh, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (the nation’s oldest public university), or perhaps the prestigious Duke University, equally renowned for its sports and academics. The presence of these major learning centers draws people from around the world, who come to this region for an education, or for employment.

In fact, this part of the Piedmont region is one of the most popular destinations for relocation in America. It has an educated and diverse population, mild climate and entertainment options for every taste. Full of vibrant green rolling hills and sparkling waterways, this region is set amidst a spectacular backdrop.

But what’s not to love? The town of Chapel Hill is known for its spectacular verdant hills. West Hillsborough is a close-knit suburban community with an excellent public school system. The county seat of Hillsborough is the shining gem of the Central Piedmont region, and a town that hasn’t stopped growing since its founding in the eighteenth century.

Orange County itself and its communities offer residents the convenience of modern living with the richness of deep roots. Singles, seniors, and families alike continue to choose this region for its plentiful professional and recreational opportunities as well as its overall affordable cost of living.

If you are thinking about moving, consider joining the thousands of people each year who select the Piedmont region of North Carolina! To learn more about Orange County, or any one of its incredible communities, request our free relocation packet today!

The author enjoys informing readers about new travel and vacation options as a way to encourage consumers to visit some of the lesser known hidden regions in the USA. When traveling to Orange County, there are plenty of cheap non-stop flights to North Carolina that will make your travel more seamless and enjoyable when wanting to visit the county directly from the surrounding region.

Simply the Best Washer and Dryer Appliance Repair Service in Brooklyn, NY!

Posted in Services by waynebradybyday on July 30, 2014

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Bear Appliance Repair Service is here for you to fix your broken washer or your broken dryer. Don’t let broken dryer belts and leaky washers ruin your day. Our goal is to provide you with cost effective repair services for your major appliances.

Is your dryer not heating? Is your washer just not working properly? Call the washer & dryer repair specialists in Brooklyn to repair your home laundry appliances today.

Our washer and dryer repairmen are trained and equipped with the parts to repair your appliances on the spot. So when your dryer won’t start or your washer won’t drain call Bear Appliance Repair Service for quality repair services at a price you can afford.

The History of BikeWeek (Bike Week) Laconia, Daytona and Sturgis

Posted in Current Events by waynebradybyday on June 26, 2014

The History of BikeWeek

The history of BikeWeek can be traced back to The Federation of American Motorcyclists which was officially formed during a meeting of 93 enthusiasts of the New York Motorcycle Club in 1903.

The purpose of the Federation of American Motorcyclists (FAM) was to “encourage the use of motorcycles and to promote the general interests of motorcycling; to ascertain, defend and protect the rights of motorcyclists; to facilitate touring; to assist in the good roads movement; and to advise and assist in the regulation of motorcycle racing and other competition in which motorcycles engage.”

For motorcyclists, the big events of the year were the national convention and championship races, and the Gypsy Tours.


Laconia is often referred to as the Oldest National Motorcycle Rally, a claim based on a large gathering of motorcyclists at the Weirs, lasting several days in the summer of 1916. This annual gathering became part of the of the FMA “Gypsy Tour”,

Daytona Beach

In late 1912, two riders and six spectators were killed in a crash on the “Board Track” of the Newark Motordrome. The negative publicity caused by the accident resulted in many FAM members wanting that form of racing banned. At the 1913 convention in Denver, FMA decided to no longer hold its championship races on” Board Tracks.”

By 1915 the membership of the FAM had grown to 8,247 members. Due to the draft and other material demands of World War I, the organization went out of business in 1919.

In 1906 the World Land Speed Record was set by the Stanly Steamer. The warm winter days and the hard packed sand on Daytona and Ormand beach made the area perfect for both automobile and motorcycle racing.

The first running of the Daytona 200 or the “Handlebar Derrby occured on January 24, 1937, drawing 120 entries. The Daytona 200 went on to become the single most important motorcycle race in America and Daytona has attracted motorcyclists ever since.


In 1937, a motorcycle dealer named “Pappy” Hoel, founded the Jackpine Gypsies Motorcycle Club. One of the club’s first functions was to host a Gypsy Tour through the scenic Black Hills of South Dakota. “The Black Hills Motor Classic” kicked off in the summer of 1938. The rally proved to be so popular that it quadrupled in size the next year. The 1939 rally hosted 800 riders.

By the 1980s, the Sturgis rally had grown so large the Jackpiners could no longer run the event. It was turned over to the city and later to other commercial groups. When Hoel died in 1989, at the age of 84, Sturgis was drawing close to 100,000 rally goers.

When traveling to any of these cities for BikeWeek festivities be sure to follow all traffic laws and be safe. There is a surge of traffic and motorcycle accidents when such a large amount of motor vehicles intersect on the road for these types of big events. Mitigate your chances of injury and in the event you are hurt or injured while on a motorcycle, be sure to contact an Orlando motorcycle accident attorney. Don’t be a statistic and remember to always be safe, wear your helmet and don’t drink and ride!

The Law of Moses and the Code of Hammurabi

Posted in Religion by waynebradybyday on January 18, 2009

For my most recent thoughts on the Law of Moses and the Code of Hammurabi please visit my new and revamped blog which now lives on BlogSpot. I’ve decided to remove most of the content from this blog so that everything can live, unified on BlogSpot. Please take the time to check it out as well as the rest of my posts. Have a great day!

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The History of Astrology

Posted in Astrology by waynebradybyday on November 24, 2008

A strongly held belief in ancient Babylon, astrology spread to the Mediterranean world, and was widely used by the Greeks and Romans. It was also popular in Assyria, India, and Egypt. In Europe during the Middle Ages it had a powerful influence, as kings and other public figures had their own astrologers; astrological beliefs are reflected in Elizabethan and Jacobean literature.

In Chinese and Hindu thought, the universe is seen as forming a pattern in which everything is linked. Human life should be lived in harmony with this pattern, and astrology is seen as one way of helping people to do this. During the latter part of the Middle Ages, and even as late as the 18th century, individual astrologers often enjoyed positions of high privilege, because it was thought that they could forecast the future. Hindus use astrological forecasts for important occasions such as marriage. Their belief in astrology is closely linked to reincarnation, for the time of birth is thought to reveal the nature of the individual’s past life.

The nucleus round which astrology developed was the belief that divine energy was manifested in the movements of the Sun and the planets. The correct interpretation of the position of these was a key to the will of heaven.
Source: The Free Dictionary

Macrocosm vs Microcosm
For anyone who believes in God, I don’t think it’s off base to consider a deliberate pattern within the universe. In fact, it kind of supports the intelligent design theory.


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